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Hair Tinsel

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Introducing the Latest Hairstyle Craze: Sparkle Fairy Tinsel in Hair!

No matter what style you have, we have hair tinsel extensions with glitter that will make you look and feel like the juicy queen you are, hun! The tudkun woman hair sparkle tinsel and kit are designed to provide precise volume and thickness where it is needed, using clip-in extensions or professional-grade hair pieces, so you can rock those fierce looks in any way you want, doll. You're worthy of it.

You can get Tudkun's sparkle hair extensions, whether you want a beautiful length or impressive volume. Our TikTok viral clip-in hair extensions let you style your hair in a million different ways with very little work on your part. Hair queens are crazy about our synthetic sparkle extensions. If you want to keep things pure, try our 100% human hair in hair sparkle strands. We also offer different types of applications. Regardless of your choice, you will be captivated from the very beginning.

Why Tudkun’s Tinsel Sparkle Strands

These beautiful, heat-resistant hair glitter strands are brightly coloured and shiny. It doesn't let water or sweat through. It's easy to hold on to because it can be combed, blow-dried, and flat ironed. With our full set of hair accessories, you can cut them to the right length for you and try out different fashion trends.

Easy to Use: just tie a knot and put the hair with tinsel on your head. It can last for weeks, even after being washed, dried, and flat ironed.

Applicable Scene: The hair in hair can be used for festivals, all kinds of theme parties, role-playing, everyday wear, shaping, and cutting as required. On holidays, birthdays, and all kinds of carnivals, like Christmas, New Year's, and Halloween, you can make yourself look more beautiful and special.

Adjustable hair strands: The tinsel strands are long enough to cut according to your hair-in-hair needs; attach nanorings tinsel by using 3-5 strands of hair to ensure a long-lasting effect.

DIY Tinsel Hair: You can use these hair glitter strands to shape your hair however you want, whether you want it to be straight, curly, or the right length for you. With a full hair with tinsel set that includes 3000 strands in 14 colours and handy hair in hair’s accessories, you can make your plain hair look beautiful. You can also use it to decorate your jewellery, clothes, bags, hats, and more.

To know more about user manual and our satisfied, happy customers, please visit our TikTok page

How should I take care of it?

Hair tinsel can also attach to hair dryers, straighteners, and other tools used for styling. This hair fairy style doesn't require a lot of work, so it's very easy to keep up at home. You can still wash and style your hair as normal. The only thing we ask is that you don't brush the roots of your hair so that you don't pull on the micro-ring extensions.

Stand out in a crowd and elevate the appearance of your hair with our head turning hair tinsels. They are easy to install using the knotted strand method, nanorings or tape. Our hair tinsel can last anywhere up to 6 weeks and can be washed and styled using heated tools.

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